So close to missing this second day. But I won’t let myself. Just 300 words. That could do a world of good.

“Never miss twice.”

James Clear’s words come to my mind. It’s in the small moments and decisions that our character is shaped: “Each action is like casting a vote for the person you want to be.”

So much wisdom packed into those words. It’s voting time.

After an energising weekend, Monday hits. And some of the excitement fades amid the flurry of tasks, emails, questions, requests.

As Percy (learn about Percy here) rears his familiar head and voice starts speaking, we find ourselves facing another choice. To commit, again.

As David Brooks puts it so eloquently (paraphrasing from memory here) in “The Second Mountain”, commitment is not a one-time thing. Commitment is choosing and re-committing to what we chose every day, over and over again. Goodbye, Percy. We’ll just tuck you in under this blanket. Shhh… We commit, again, and get a little closer to the person we want to be.

Gratitude is another of my favourite methods to combat doubt, negativity, or anxiety. List out three specific things you are grateful for today. That’s it. Just by focusing on the positive, we are training our brain to look out for these moments in a day — and over time, it will become our default.

Photo by Gabrielle Henderson on Unsplash

Today, I’m grateful for:

  1. My health. In today’s world, this not something we can take for granted. It’s our duty to cherish and nurture it.
  2. A supportive partner who encourages the best parts of me and calls me out on the worst parts (with compassion).
  3. Living close to a body of water, being able to walk less than 30 minutes and take a dip to refresh.

Bonus: Having a way and channel to express myself freely. Even if no-one ever reads this, it will be out. If it can provide comfort for someone in a similar spot, entertain, or touch another human, it will have been all the more worth it.

What are you grateful for?

Give it a little space in your mind, even if just for a minute.