From your deep slumber
Each crevasse, a wrinkle of wisdom.
Joints, rusty.

Rise higher
Towering over towns and cities
Your playground
in the valley.

The stiffness fading away
Gravity plays its part
Roads like zippers, all across your body.

The clouds make way for you
They’ve been awaiting your return
We need you.

Who were you,
before your sleep?
Were you kind?

Where were you?
In the ocean
Miles deep?

Maybe one day you’ll tell us.

You rub your eyes
Salt, mined with determination
Slip out, grain by grain.

You’re filled with this new sensation
All these people
Who have made their homes on you.

You are home, never forgotten
Strength oozes out of you,

Thank you to Liloon for your playful interpretation of these words!

I’m behind on these posts, but have been busy “living life” as they say. Calming down to write is proving trickier than expected, so today, we turn to a freewriting exercise!

What is freewriting?

According to Masterclass, “Freewriting is a creative exercise in which you sit down and write without stopping for a certain amount of time or until you reach a certain word count. It’s designed to help you loosen up your creative energy and actually put pen to blank page (or fingers to keys) without worrying so much about whether or not what you’re writing is good.”


It happened. What can I say, I’m human?

I missed a day in my writing challenge.

But now it’s out there and behind us.

And while I’d normally beat myself up about it and maybe even give up all together, the words “never miss twice” have never rung truer. Here’s to that!

With this in mind — and because it’s International Friendship Day — this one is a reminder of that one friend whom we often overlook: ourselves.

With everything that’s happening in the world, and how that translates into the world of work (where it’s a lot more difficult…

I am a mermaid.
Scales on my legs,
Which are fins.
Dazzling as they reflect the sunlight.

The water is my home.
Submerged beneath the waves,
Among the stones and earth.
Not an ocean, but a flowing river.

My breath is unlimited.
As I dive into the depths,
Water fills my lungs like air,
As it’s meant to be.

We sing and play.
Like children, but wiser.
Splashing our tails,
Spreading the freshness, washing off worries.

We dream of the shore.
Solid, unmoving.
Content to watch,
Watching in content.

So close to missing this second day. But I won’t let myself. Just 300 words. That could do a world of good.

“Never miss twice.”

James Clear’s words come to my mind. It’s in the small moments and decisions that our character is shaped: “Each action is like casting a vote for the person you want to be.”

So much wisdom packed into those words. It’s voting time.

After an energising weekend, Monday hits. And some of the excitement fades amid the flurry of tasks, emails, questions, requests.

As Percy (learn about Percy here) rears his familiar head and voice…

“Every day is a chance for a new beginning.”

You got that right.

But we don’t often take this chance, do we?

Or at least, I haven’t.

But today, I will. I am.

I’m starting a 21-day writing challenge. For the next 21 days, I’ll write at least 300 words every day. And share them on here. On any topic that comes to mind. The purpose is not to carve out some kind of niche. But to get out of my comfort zone, to stop being afraid of bad writing. So what? Who’s reading anyway?

But if you are reading…

Curious Milly

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